About Us

Our supplements are trusted to support your health

What we stand for

We created Altruvita because we knew that many people were taking supplements to support their health and wellbeing without adequate information. Our team were seeing this in their daily practices. Everything we do at Altruvita is founded on evidence and years of experience.

Our Values

  • Quality before profit

    The supplements market is dominated by products that have the minimum allowable quantities of active ingredients from the lowest cost sources, topped up with fillers and bulking agents.  At Altruvita, we use the best ingredients available and we produce  everything in the UK under ISO9001 accredited conditions. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures the highest quality and consistency in our products and we always produce in small batches to ensure the freshness of ingredients and maximum efficacy.
  • Evidence-based

    We believe we have the most experienced team of medical advisors in the industry. So far, they have published eight research papers on the ingredients we use to formulate our supplements. Because our experts are committed to ensuring that every Altruvita product is proven to effectively support your health, evidence will always be at the centre of every product we create. We welcome and encourage your feedback – it helps guide everything we do.
  • Driven by customers

    Altruvita was founded on the belief that people supporting their health with supplements deserve highest quality, best-evidenced products and reliable guidance on how to take them. We don’t just support your health; we are mindful of our impact on the environment too. Our containers are fully recyclable and shaped to fit through a letterbox, reducing unnecessary packaging. All our products are approved by the Vegetarian Society and suitable for vegans in most cases.

Visit our blog for resources from our experts on how to better support your health.

Our Advisory Panel

Altruvita’s Medical Advisor

Professor Martyn Caplin • BSc (HONS), DM, FRCP

Professor Caplin is a highly respected gastroenterologist at both London’s Royal Free Hospital and the Wellington Hospital and a world authority on rare forms of gastrointestinal conditions, leading research and publishing over 200 medical papers. He regularly presents both nationally and internationally. In the course of his work, Professor Caplin realised that many of his patients were taking supplements without any evidence or rationale. His team reviewed the evidence for the benefits of diet and nutritional compounds and his work has been published in a number of medical journals.

Altruvita’s Nutrition Advisor

Tara Whyand • M.Sc, B.Sc

Tara advises Altruvita on the content of our food supplement range, on our nutrition labelling and keeps us up to date with the latest research around vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. She has co-authored multiple journal articles and authored several magazine articles. Tara has worked in a variety of settings within the NHS, charities and industry in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Altruvita’s Nutritionist

Katie Murray • BA (HONS), DipCNM, mBANT, mCNHC

Katie Murray is a registered Nutritional Therapist. She works as our nutrition advisor, keeping up with the latest and emerging trends in nutritional research and ensures these are incorporated into our ongoing research and development activities. Through working with our team, she aims to be a reliable source of nutrition information for her colleagues and our customers. She also works first hand with other members of the health and wellness industry. Katie qualified from the esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine and has since gained clinical experience through her own practice helping her clients with a plethora of health conditions and nutrition concerns.

Our Research

We believe we have the most experienced team of medical advisors in the industry. So far, they have published 8 research papers on the ingredients we use, ensuring they are proven to be effective. Read a selection of them here.