Meal Plans

Although there is no such a thing as a ‘superfood’, dietitians suggest that, by incorporating all the foods and nutrients which have been found to support health and wellbeing, we can follow a ‘super diet’. These recommendations have been prepared by our Nutrition Advisors.

Altruvita encourages everyone to get essential nutritional value from whole foods where possible. Nutrients such as curcumin, lycopene and green tea are easily accessible and have all been shown to have a health benefit.

Meal Plan Suggestions

Diet is known to contribute to normal health. The Altruvita team has prepared a set of meal plans that may be of interest to people concerned about their diet and its possible effect on normal health.


    For a Sensitive Gut

    We recommend that you get as much nutritional value as possible by eating a healthy, balanced diet. This five-day meal plan uses the low FODMAP diet, which is one option for a sensitive gut. It also includes key compounds believed to support a sensitive gut: vitamin D, curcumin (from turmeric), and green tea polyphenols (from green tea). Read the full meal plan here.
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    For Bowel (Colorectal) Wellbeing

    There are many reasons that we should take the health of our bowel seriously. The gut is the means by which we absorb nutrition from the food we eat, and what we eat directly affects our overall health.
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