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Altruvita Gift Card

Looking for a gift for someone but unsure what to buy? An Altruvita Gift Card could be the perfect option!

Your gift card will be delivered by email directly to the recipient, with instructions about how they will be able to use it on our website.

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To purchase a gift card, follow these steps:

  1. Select your chosen gift card design
  2. Set an amount for the gift card
  3. Enter the recipient’s information
  4. Enter your information (you can see a preview of how this looks on the right hand side)
  5. Select the quantity you require, then add to basket
  6. After checkout, the gift card will be emailed directly to the recipient with details on how they can use it on our website.

If you have any issues receiving your gift card by email, please check your spam folder.

What are people saying about Altruvita?


“I was recommended to take CoQ10 because of my low energy levels and the fact that I take Statins. Altruvita’s CoQ10 is one of the highest dosages I could find on the market which falls in line with what I was recommended to take. The information given and packaging is really professional and I’m feeling much less lethargic since taking it.”


Vitamin D

“I did a fair bit of research on the quality of vitamin D supplements on the market and Altruvita looked by far the best. This is actually my second order and although I was surrounded by ill people all Christmas I sailed through without a sniffle. Highly recommend.”



“I have an office job and felt stiff when sitting down for such a long time – since taking curcumin+ I felt less stiff and had less back aches as well, feel more mobile”


Happy Tum

“I feel pretty good. More energy and symptoms of IBS are better.”



“Amazing product. I have used this brand for a while now and am really pleased with my results. It’s great quality and worth the price!”


Happy Tum

Less bloated and much calmer stomach



“Energy boost!!! Amazing product! Took 4 a day for 2 weeks and saw a massive difference in my energy levels. Highly recommended.”

Michael S.