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Professional Area

This is the homepage for Professionals (nutritionists, dietitians, nurses, doctors) who would like to view Altruvita materials about our products, research, and evidence.

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Targeted Health: Evidence

Altruvita has reviewed many published articles and examinations of the relationships between diet, nutrients and botanical extracts in disease prevention and considered the findings of contemporary studies.

The Role of Diet and Supplements in the Prevention and Progression of COVID-19: Current Knowledge and Open Issues

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The Potential Role of Xanthohumol and other nutrients in COVID-19 Treatment


Other sources of scientific research

With evidence at the heart of what we do, our medical and nutrition advisors are constantly on the look out for the latest research. Here is a collection of some evidence based papers which we are frequently updating and adding to.

The following links come from PubMed. Click here for a wider search.

CPD Course - 2021

Altruvita's FREE webinar series: an update on the latest scientific research and evidence for health conditions and supplement links. This free series is available to healthcare professionals (nutritionists, dietitians, students, etc).

**New BANT approved CPD course launching in early 2023!**

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